iLearning Centre’s C.S.R. Collaboration & Development Programme

  • Some Can Only Dream About a Future

    Working Together in Building a Stronger Future through Education.

  • Helping the underpriveleged to get ahead

    Lets Reach Out and give them Hope.

  • Your ideal C.S.R. Partner in Education Welfare

    iLearning Centre is opening our doors to collaborate with support partners providing welfare for Education.


    That we are building a better Nation through strengthening our Education

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iLearning Centre is opening our doors to collaborate with the support of partners to provide for the welfare of education for the under privileged schools throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

iLearning Centre’s CSR Collaboration Development Programme, welcomes initiatives and corporate partners to engage us in thier respective educational welfare endeavours. We believe the education system is one of the most important social institutions in society. Its position, operational efficiency  and relevance in society are the indicators of, the level of status and the standards of living within a community. Achieving high quality education is the pursuit of a country in any field, whereby its importance cannot be ignored. Henceforth, we are currently prepared in assisting and improving educational channels for those in need.  There are a select few of young professional tutors at our centre seeking ways to participate in our joint efforts to give back to society.

We believe that iLearning Centre’s C.S.R. Collaboration Development Programme is a form of opportunity and goodwill. We are welcoming initiatives to work with us, whom are self-regulated and integrated into a business model whereby our combined efforts in the CSR Programme, will contribute towards building goodwill and trust towards our initiatives brand or name.

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