Our Tutors and Trainers come from a range of professional backgrounds, some of which have more than 10 years of teaching experience, whereby most of them are also involved in the School Marking Scheme who are examination markers and have given very valuable insight to our students in terms of scoring for their exams and marking schemes for their respective syllabus they are assigned to.

Our tutors will not be listed here on our website, for confidentiality reasons. All of our tutors go through our compulsory, Tutor Operating Procedure Specifications Handbook Guide, or also known as (T.O.P.S.) Each Tutor when recruited, will be given an in-house training course which is compulsory in iLearning Centre. This is done to ensure we maintain the standard of teaching, and also following the iLC teaching and learning methodology guidelines.

Each tutor is constantly evaluated by the students. Students will fill in anonymous written feedback forms. With this feedback, it will assist us gauging the performance and effectiveness of the tutors, during their in class sessions.  

If our Tutors are found to be lacking in performance, they will be given a re-mock up session with our board of facilitators and trainers to re-evaluate the flaws which were reported. This process is constantly done to maintain the quality assurance levels for our students.

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