iLearning Centre PMR 2011 batchiLearning Centre is the emerging leader in Malaysia as the first to merge Technology with Education and Learning. Being the pioneer of excelling academic studies in Malaysia, we pride ourselves in our expertise for having the strongest track record for excelling our students, academically and non-academically. We also cater to those who are intellectually gifted in other curricular activities through the programmes we provide here, such as public speaking, speech and drama performances, live video broadcasting, and much more. These programmes currently running has given opportunities for the extensive operations and affiliates throughout Malaysia, which has joined its intellectual capital and skilled human resources to cater to those who are studying under our Government-Based School Syllabus and Private Educational Sectors.

We are now paving the way for the future of Education and Learning. Our duty is aligned to helping our younger generation grasp the knowledge and experience, in the fast paced world we live in today, also known as our global village, where everyone is interconnected. We want our students to grab hold of all the opportunities the world has to offer them once they leave school.

Students from Right: Iman, Jana, Tony, Charlene, Ikmal, Gabrielle, Nathalie (Links Courtesy from Facebook)


Our Journey

ilearnin-centre-journeyFounded in 2008, iLearning Centre started as a regular Tuition Centre, whereby our founder, Mr. Paul realized the potential of a computer interface with the individual. When given the opportunity to merge Technology with Education and Learning, he then ventured to use Computer Based Training (CBT) Tuition in 2009, and in 2011, he incorporated Apple iPads into classrooms as an added tool in learning. Now iLearning Centre is also a recognized Official E-Portal Support team for the acclaimed Score A Programme System, which utilizes and incorporates it as an additional tool of learning in iLearning Centre, among its existing and effective learning and teaching methodology.

To quote Peter Drucker, Webucation is not meant to replace conventional education, but it is inevitable fact that it will complement it as a new channel of for learning, in some ways why TV hasn’t replaced Radio, but to only thrive and grow together.”

iLearning Centre’s promise to students and parents is simple, whereby we will continue to invest in new technologies and methods of learning that can be brought into mainstream education to improve the percentage of effectiveness of learning capacity, which would be applicable in the academic years to follow.

iLearning Centre combines local expertise in terms of consulting tutors who are qualified examiner markers in the Local Government Syllabus to ensure that the bottom-line objective is to help our students score As in their every final examinations, whether it be PMR, SPM or STPM. We have managed to piece together the best resources, tutors, and technology through our efforts in managing our courses, while maintaining its affordability and cost of our programmes.


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