The implementation of our methodology impacts the way an educator teaches. Providing our students with digital content and the professional development programme to transform a classroom session into an immersive experience, that inspires a student's natural curiosity.

iLearning Centre impacts the way students learn, breaking down barriers and moving beyond static textbooks to a digital delivery they already embrace.

Accelerating students achievement is the ultimate result we are all in pursuit of, and iLearning Centre has worked with school districts across all sizes and demographics to consistently deliver these results. We evaluate our services on both the qualitative (student engagement, teacher satisfaction and impact) and quantitative measures for (Academic test scores) realted to our local Government Syllabus.

Students Learn More with our:

  • Interactive digital Media and Content
  • Engaging Standards-Aligned Content (standards according to our government syllabus)
  • Comprehensive Professional Development
  • Assessment Services
  • Virtual Experiences
  • Learning Communities

Our Student-Teacher ABC Motto

Our Simple and Effective motto: “Practice your ABCs”

ilc- iLearning Centre ABC Methodology

We apply this concept and principle to all our Students and Teachers, whereby they will need to adapt a good Attitude, towards their studies in their life, during this process, they will also learn how to Behave in a respectful and humble manner which is important. This example is seen in how we treat our peers, teachers, parents, and people in general. This would then require their Commitment to be consistent with this pattern to be successful in enriching their lives.

A         : Right Attitude
B         : Right Behaviour
C         : Right Commitement
I.L.C.  : Increased Learning Capacity

4 Elements to Learning

There are 4 elements of learning when it comes to Webucation. These elements are used and applied throughout our classes in iLearning Centre. They are summarized as below:

Active Engagement

Active engagement is defined as when a student, understands what they have learned and is constructing their own learning, rather than simply soaking up information transmitted to them by their teacher.

Group Participation

Group participation is when a group come together to solve a problem, sharing their point of views and what they each individually know. Teamwork is also an important element we hope our students would develop when working with one another during any group participation activities.

Frequent Interaction

Our facilitators and trainers constantly interact with the students to gain their trust. In building this trust, we build a connection between them and understand what they are involved in. This encourages a genuine interest in what they have learned in class, and that they would be happy to engage in more discussion with their peers or with other people.

Access to real World Experts

We possess a variety of experts in their vocation, which can help students in their learning of their academic subjects respectively. We are also able to consult other real world experts through the Webucation system, whereby the student does not need to be in the same room as the tutor and can still benefit from a distance.

In Class Sessions

Our class sessions consist of a variety of activities derived from the 4 elements of learning mentioned above.  They consist of interaction between tutor and students, and group activities where participation from each individual is strongly encouraged.

These are a few of the methods listed below, which are used when the classes are in session.

a)      In class sessions for Group or individuals, we include:

  • a)      Pop quizzes
  • b)      Group discussion
  • c)      Group exercises and activities
  • d)      Student participation (as an Individual)

As we progress together through this learning process, we may add more unique and effective sessions in relation to the above mentioned activities.   

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