Our Annual S.L.A.M Camp is not to be missed! S.L.A.M. stands for Self Reflection, Leadership, Attitude and Motivational Camp, which represents the core of iLearning Centre’s teaching and learning methodology.

The difference between our in-class participation and the Camp, is there will be less limitations to the countless activities and programmes the participants in S.L.A.M Camp can undertake in the next 3 days and 2 nights of adventure. All participants, facilitators and support staff are required to stay within their group lodgings or camp to accomplish tasks and perform duties in correlation to the camps’ programme.

  • Self Reflection
    The ultimate goal in the group events would be attitudinal changes towards how participants view and face life, to empower them with a positive view on their potential as a student, in seeking to achieve and perform better academically and hopefully life in general. This is the Self-Reflection Module to our Camp.
  • Leadership
    The Leadership Module is a prerequisite requirement in any task they undertake, and there will be many who may not feel as naturally confident as a selct few of students. We will help transform them into leaders in order to face their challenges head-on. They will be taught to take the lead, to maximize their true potential.

  • Attitude
    Attitude is the core to achieving success in any undertaking you pursue, and the right attitude achieves greatness. The Attitude Module is designed to help our participants be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses towards any obstacle they face, and to encourage the right attitude, so that they can carry it with them when they face the real world.

  • Motivation
    The Motivational Module is like breathing - every now and then you either need to self-motivate, or be motivated by someone else. This is a key function in any teamwork and also in society. It’s the only cure to procrastination, and the first steps for someone to achieve something. “So get up live your dreams! What are you waiting for?”

Last year we incorporated new activities into the S.L.A.M. Camp programme whereby qualified participants in a specific age group could participate, such as; Paintball Challenge, Flying Fox, Off Road Dirt Bike Adventure trail.

Our programme has gotten acclaimed recognition to promote and support our C.S.R. programme in line with our S.L.A.M camp programme, whereby some of the activities in S.L.A.M. Camp required the participants to participate in community service, or to help collect charitable donations for those in need and the underprivileged. Last year’s programme collected donations for local cancer patients in their teenage years, in need of chemotherapy.

S.L.A.M. Camp is open to all, and to qualify for our camp participants must be below the age of 18. To register for our Annual S.L.A.M Camp Event this year, contact us. Early enrollment is encouraged as seats are limited. Terms and Conditions apply.

For Early registrations to our Annual S.L.A.M Camp, Click here!


Our Annual Seminars talks range from PMR, SPM, and STPM provided by renowned lecturers and tutors who provide a range of topics including 'How to Score in your Exams', 'How do you make Sejarah more interesting', 'Last Minute Exams Tips and Techniques' to 'Maths Simplified'.

This year we will even have a new edition whereby, there will be seminars from our affiliate, Magic-A-Learning. Chris Cheong will give seminar talks on personal development for teenagers, about;

  • a. Self-Confidence
  • b. Public Speaking
  • c. Memory Techniques
  • d. Presentation Skill
  • e. Problem Solving
  • f. Basic Social Psychology Techniques
  • g. Creativity
  • h. Innovation

These talks will vary from year to year, and will be held either on our premises, or off site, whereby transport may be provided or required.

Do check out our upcoming News & Events page for the latest events we have installed for you.


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