Magic-A-Learning (read as Magical Learning)
is our learning partner which brings a concept developed by an outstanding personality. The personality founded Magic-A-Learning is Chris Cheong; Malaysia’s Youngest Professional Mentalist & Magician.

Magic-A-Learning goal is to help the students to develop skills such as self confidence, public speaking, art of performing, communication skills, psychological knowledge, creativity and innovation - using Magic as the tool. It is the first of its kind that combine the knowledge of a renowned Professional Mentalist/Magician and learning experts.

It's fun and easy to learn, with practical application through its theory and knowledge. At the end of the course, the students would have developed a better self-confidence, improve their communication skills, able to perform and speak confidently in public, think more innovatively and creatively.

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Score A is a webucation-based programme which is used as an added supplementary in iLearning Centre’s learning and teaching methodology. It is highly effective in helping students to master their syllabus through understanding and challenging their limits to beat their own score in the system’s trial e-topics and trial exams.

Disclaimer: We would like the public to be informed that we are not endorsing Score A as an MLM product in our centre. We were approached by Kenshido Sdn. Bhd. to use it as a supplementary add-on to iLearning Centre’s method of learning.  Though its proven track record and ability to keep an online academic database track record of our students in iLearning Centre, is one of its primary purpose we can provide a Money Back Guarantee Policy to parents and students who sign up with our iLearning Centre Programme Courses.

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